About Fort Wayne Medical Surety

Are you interested in controlling your medical malpractice insurance experience and paying premiums to yourself instead of a major corporation? Fort Wayne Medical Surety Company, RRG is an Arizona captive insurance company licensed to operate in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan formed under the 1986 Federal Risk Retention Act in October of 2006. A Risk Retention Group has certain characteristics that make it a unique and very beneficial insurance vehicle to its participants;

- All insured’s are owners of the company
- All insured’s share common goals and practice support requirements
- Exemption from securities regulation
- Recognized by Indiana allowing for participation in the Patient Compensation Fund
- Greater ability to manage the claims process
- Promotes robust and meaningful risk management programs

Company Vision

Fort Wayne Medical Surety Company, RRG was established by several leaders in the Fort Wayne physician community. Their vision for their company is to:

- Provide reasonably priced insurance, negating the market volatility
- Allow for physician involvement in the claims process and settlement
- Encourage best practices for risk management by the physicians and their staff
- Allow for flexibility in program design, including offering both claims made and occurrence coverage

FWMSC has a strong, local Board of Directors providing the leadership and maintaining the oversight of these visions. FWMSC operations are provided by local professional insurance personnel of the company in conjunction with Aon, Inc., the largest insurance risk manger in North America. Our program is owned and managed by physicians to accommodate the physician community, with a commitment to a long term relationship regardless of the commercial market cycles.

Principles of Governance

Click to download our Principles of Governance, adopted July 30, 2015.

Board of Directors

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