Board of Directors
Board Membership
Kimberly Wack, C.P.A. Assistant Secretary Account Executive w/ AonInsurance Managers
Dr. William Cast
William R. Cast, M.D. Emeritus Director
Dale A. Sloan, M.D. ChairmanLutheran Medical GroupLutheran Surgical Specialists
Scott D. Karr, M.D.Orthopaedics Northeast
Stephen R. Smith Treasurer/Executive Vice President
Ajay S. Gupta, M.D. Fort Wayne Neurology
Christopher W. LaSalle, M.D. Orthopaedics Northeast
Dr. Christopher Danby
Christopher A. Danby, M.D. Lutheran Medical GroupIndiana Ohio Heart
Dr. Xiao Lin
Xiao Lin, M.D. Radiation Oncology Associates
Loi K. Phuong, M.D. Fort Wayne Neurosurgery
Brian Herr, M.D. President Ear Nose & Throat Associates
Jeffrey Hudson, M.D. Ophthalmology Consultants

The Board of Directors of the Company currently consists of twelve members. Directors are elected by a majority vote of the Shareholders. The executive officers and the Board of Directors of the Company have ultimate supervisory authority over the operations of the Company. The Company's Board of Directors elects the Company's executive officers on an annual basis.

Large physician group practices that would elect to come on board would be offered representation from a physician within their practice to have membership on the Board.

FWMS Board Committees