Welcome to Fort Wayne Medical Surety Company

Fort Wayne Medical Surety Company, Risk Retention Group is a captive insurance company organized under the laws of the State of Arizona and operating under the Federal Risk Retention Act. The Company primarily provides full limits professional liability insurance to such practicing physicians, licensed to practice in Indiana, who have become Shareholders and Insureds of the Company. The Company also provides directors and officer's liability insurance on a limited basis to the directors and officers of the Company.

Are you interested in controlling your medical malpractice insurance experience and paying premiums to yourself instead of a major corporation? Each subscriber of the Company's Offered Common Shares, who must also become an Insured, must subscribe for the number of Offered Common Shares corresponding to the risk class to which he or she as a physician is assigned.

Each subscriber of the Company's Offered Common Shares may subscribe to purchase additional shares of the Offered Common Shares; however, at no time may any Insured own more than 5% of the currently outstanding authorized Common Shares of the Company.

Our Vision is to:

Provide stable, reasonably priced insurance to our owners
Allow for physician involvement in the claims process and settlement
Encourage best practices for risk management by the physicians and their staff
Provide high quality support services to meet physician and practice operations needs
Our Commitment
Fort Wayne Medical Surety Company RRG is committed to providing a long term solution to its owners in Indiana for physician professional liability insurance.
What is a Risk Retention Group?
  • Federal Liability Risk Retention Act: Enacted in 1981 for product liability
  • Expanded in 1986 to include most other types of liability
  • Group members are engaged in similar activities
  • Ownership by insured's only
  • Primary regulation rests with state of domicile
  • Federal preemption of state insurance regulation
  • You merely "register" in Indiana
  • Exemptions from securities regulation
  • Must be domiciled in an onshore only