FWMSC Operations

Aon Corporation is providing our consulting, actuarial and managerial services. Aon is a world leader in delivering integrated, innovative solutions in risk management, captive management and actuarial consulting. Aon brings in-depth industry and financial expertise, innovative technology, and a worldwide-owned network of resources to deliver local, regional, and global services.

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. supports our claims management functions. Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. specializes in professional liability claim management for the healthcare professional. In addition to seasoned claims professionals, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. employs attorneys, registered nurses and clinical investigators to be deployed as needed. Legal defense of claims is conducted through respected, experienced trail lawyers with long standing Northeast Indiana relationships.

FWMSC conduct periodic risk management seminars in both group and individual settings. On-site practice operational assessments are available to manage and reduce risk within a client group.

Physician Stockholder and Insured Client Services, Fort Wayne, IN

- Local home office for FWMSC - Contact office for information about FWMSC
- Provides Information Memorandum and welcome letters to Insured’s
- Marketing
- Scheduling of all Board and Committee meetings
- Remittance address of premiums due
- Deposits and transfers of all banking transactions
- Account payables
- Repurchase of Common Shares
- Provides On-site presentations about FWMSC
- Underwrite Applications
- Develop and Maintain Physician Database
- Issue Policies and Endorsements
- Submit invoice and Pay Patient Compensation Fund
- Attend Board meetings and Claim Committee meetings

Aon Regulatory Offices, Phoenix, AZ

-Satisfy the statutory requirement of an approved RRG manager in AZ
-Maintain books and records in AZ
-Meet all regulatory requirements
-Perform accounting for the RRG
-Work with auditors, AZ examiners and actuary
-File quarterly and annual statutory statement to AZ, IN and NAIC
-Pay premium tax to IN
-Provide the mandated AZ resident director

Aon Actuarial Services, Minneapolis, MN

-Provide funding analysis
-Reserve Analysis
-Actuarial Determine Rates
-Occurrence, Claims Made
-Nose and Tail Rates

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, St. Louis, MO

- File Establishment - Reporting
- Reserves
- Claims Handling
- Litigation Management
- Claims Paying
- Data Collection/Risk Management

Defense Counsel, Fort Wayne, IN

While claims management is handled by Sedgwick, physicians can choose their own local defense counsel as long as they are competent in the field. Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. will work closely with their legal defense counsel.